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While Toyota is known for selling a lot of safe and reliable cars, the automaker's infotainment system has received some mixed reviews. Which is why Toyota Entune 3.0 is so important. This next-generation tech is making its big debut in the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry. So clearly, Toyota has a lot of confidence in this system.
There's a whole new look with improved graphics and lots of customization. But most importantly, Entune 3.0 is faster and easier to use. The basic Entune 3.0 audio package includes a 7-inch screen and a suite of popular apps like Yelp, IHeartRadio and NPR1.
There's also a standard scout GPS link that's essentially a moving navigation system powered by your phone. The next level, called Audio Plus, has a larger touchscreen, a JBL audio system with satellite and HD radio, and Toyota's Safety and Service Connect to put emergency services or a designated dealership at your fingertips. There's also a new 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that can power up to five devices.
You'll also like Toyota's remote connect app to start the car, lock the doors or locate your car in case you forgot where you parked.
And if you have a teen driver you'd like to keep tabs on, you can use it to set speed limits and set notification alerts. It may not give you total peace-of-mind, but it's a start.
The Premium package tacks on a fancier, baked-in version of navigation that includes an elaborate POI search and Destination Assist Services. Besides being quick and intuitive, Entune lets you customize your home screen, pick a color scheme, adjust screen sensitivity, select ringtones and more. These individual settings will automatically load depending on the smartphone you're using.
The only disappointment is that there's no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. However, Entune 3.0 does do some similar things. For example, you can send and receive texts, and you even use Siri in certain applications.
Overall, with a slick new look and a quicker response time, Toyota Entune 3.0 goes the extra mile with the driver in mind.
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