Yianni Surprises Mark with New Car 3 months ago

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Wrapper Mark Dela Cruz has been with Yiannimize for over 6 years and puts the work in. When Mark told Yianni he wanted to get a brand new car, Yianni helped him get his hands on a new white Audi S5 then surprised him with it!

Mark wrapped the Chromes to Black and put Yiannimize stickers on it immediately then gives us a little review to support why he chose the Audi S5.

OBVIOUSLY Mark is going to wrap it. He says he has a colour in mind already, what colour do you think he should wrap it? Vote in the Poll and leave a comment.

» http://youtube.com/channel/UCZpkmyqoC9oYIZWpXfOhtCA

:: THIS Yianni Surprising Mark VIDEO ::
» http://youtu.be/PFSLZPvHTrw

:: THE Wrap of this Audi S5 ::
» http://youtu.be/y5uOIC4E-Tc

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