My New Car Is Electric! 9 months ago

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What Is It Like Living With An Electric Car? How Electric Cars Work
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The latest addition to the Engineering Explained garage is an electric car! In the United States, electric cars make up less than 2% of the overall market, yet that number has nearly doubled since 2013. That is to say, the electric car revolution is coming, and I'll be experiencing life with an electric car before the majority of folks make the jump.

While in today's world electric cars don't make perfect sense for every scenario, they do offer plenty of advantages over gasoline or diesel powered cars. They have instant acceleration when you put your foot down, peak torque from zero RPM, they're far more energy efficient - meaning you spend less on "refilling the tank," and they don't have any emissions. This makes EVs great for city environments where travel distances are relatively short, and congestion is high. Check out the video for more information on the EV series I'm starting with Formula E!

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